f_gholipour20130223113425497“GENRE IMPLOSION” was the title of my final Thesis project in the Master of Arts in Music Criticism at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and it included a 20-episode radio series on CFMU 93.3 FM that aired from November 2005 to April 2006, and that surveyed listeners on their experience of what I ambiguously called Musical Genre – a system, construction or phenomenon.  My completed M.A. Thesis, the Radio Show home page, and some of my academic papers and public talks published before and since now reside at http://genreimplosion.orgalt.com.

Here is the complete Genre Implosion Archive – produced and aired by me in 2005-6 it includes some copyright audio material that was then covered under the broadcast license of CFMU McMaster Radio.  As such this is not a Podcast – just a reference archive for those interested in the project – a bit like the demo CDs and tapes some of us remember as so important to starting and growing a band in the days of yore.  Within the ever-renewing vaguaries of copyright law on the Internet, and with this site’s traffic being very limited (and unpromoted publicly) I have provided this content for a six-month period from March to August 2016, after which it will be removed – with first apologies – and then thanks – to all who will allow it.

Note: Genre Implosion episodes 15 & 17 from March 1st 2006 and March 22nd 2006 are currently missing in action (!@#$%) – but I promise they were indeed made and broadcast in 2006; and they will be found, wherever they are hiding amidst the dizzying decade of hardware, software and general tech changes that have followed. 

Episode 1 (9 Nov 2005) – INTRODUCTIONS

Episode 2 (16 Nov 2005) – ENDINGS

Episode 3 (23 Nov 2005) – RHYTHM

Episode 4 (30 Nov 2005) – MUSICAL PICTURES

Episode 5 (7 Dec 2005) – WINTER

Episode 6 (14 Dec 2005) – COVER ME

Episode 7 (21 Dec 2005) – TAKE ME THERE (the notion of place in music)


Episode 9 (11 Jan 2006) – OSTINATO (too much of a good thing?)

Episode 10 (18 Jan 2006) – TROJAN HORSE (when a renegade instrument invades)

Episode 11 (25 Jan 2006) – COLOUR IN MUSIC

Episode 12 (8 Feb 2006) – THE VOICE, PART I (Soprano)

Episode 13 (15 Feb 2006) – THE VOICE, PART II (Alto)

Episode 14 (22 Feb 2006) – THE VIOLIN

Episode 15 (1 Mar 2006) – THE VOICE, PART III (Bass) – Episode lost

Episode 16 (8 Mar 2006) – THE VOICE, PART IV (Tenor)

Episode 17 (22 Mar 2006) – SMALL ENSEMBLES, PART I (Solo) – Episode lost

Episode 18 (29 Mar 2006) – SMALL ENSEMBLES, PART II (Duo)

Episode 19 (5 Apr 2006) – SMALL ENSEMBLES, PART III (Trio)

Episode 20 (12 Apr 2006) – THE PIANO

Episode 21 (19 Apr 2006) – SMALL ENSEMBLES, PART IV (Quartet)

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