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Foundation Forward was an interesting Podcast project invited by the Anglican Foundation of Canada, and conceived by then-Executive Director Canon Judy Rois. It was a 10-episode exploration of the subject of Generosity featuring authors, activists, clergy and community guests from across Canada having some special perspective on the topic, and culminating with a special episode featuring children from across Canada for International Children’s Day.

Choral View Radio was the Spring 2020 COVID-19 pandemic rehearsal substitute for my three choirs at the time, the Georgetown Choral Society & Marion Singers, and for Rosedale Presbyterian Church‘s weekly Friday Virtual Service Bulletin musical content serving the Choir and Congregation.

“GENRE IMPLOSION” was the title of my final Thesis project in the Master of Arts in Music Criticism at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and it included a 20-episode radio series on CFMU 93.3 FM that aired from November 2005 to April 2006, and that surveyed listeners on their experience of what I ambiguously called Musical Genre – a system, construction or phenomenon.  My completed M.A. Thesis, the Radio Show home page, and some of my academic papers and public talks published before and since now reside at http://genreimplosion.orgalt.com.

Here is the complete Genre Implosion Archive – produced and aired by me in 2005-6 it includes some copyright audio material that was then covered under the broadcast license of CFMU McMaster Radio.  As such this is not a Podcast – just a reference archive for those interested in the project – a bit like the demo CDs and tapes some of us remember as so important to starting and growing a band in the days of yore.  Within the ever-renewing vaguaries of copyright law on the Internet, and with this site’s traffic being very limited (and unpromoted publicly) I have provided this content for a six-month period from March to August 2016, after which it will be removed – with first apologies – and then thanks – to all who will allow it.

Note: Genre Implosion episodes 15 & 17 from March 1st 2006 and March 22nd 2006 are currently missing in action (!@#$%) – but I promise they were indeed made and broadcast in 2006; and they will be found, wherever they are hiding amidst the dizzying decade of hardware, software and general tech changes that have followed. 

Episode 1 (9 Nov 2005) – INTRODUCTIONS

Episode 2 (16 Nov 2005) – ENDINGS

Episode 3 (23 Nov 2005) – RHYTHM

Episode 4 (30 Nov 2005) – MUSICAL PICTURES

Episode 5 (7 Dec 2005) – WINTER

Episode 6 (14 Dec 2005) – COVER ME

Episode 7 (21 Dec 2005) – TAKE ME THERE (the notion of place in music)


Episode 9 (11 Jan 2006) – OSTINATO (too much of a good thing?)

Episode 10 (18 Jan 2006) – TROJAN HORSE (when a renegade instrument invades)

Episode 11 (25 Jan 2006) – COLOUR IN MUSIC

Episode 12 (8 Feb 2006) – THE VOICE, PART I (Soprano)

Episode 13 (15 Feb 2006) – THE VOICE, PART II (Alto)

Episode 14 (22 Feb 2006) – THE VIOLIN

Episode 15 (1 Mar 2006) – THE VOICE, PART III (Bass) – Episode lost

Episode 16 (8 Mar 2006) – THE VOICE, PART IV (Tenor)

Episode 17 (22 Mar 2006) – SMALL ENSEMBLES, PART I (Solo) – Episode lost

Episode 18 (29 Mar 2006) – SMALL ENSEMBLES, PART II (Duo)

Episode 19 (5 Apr 2006) – SMALL ENSEMBLES, PART III (Trio)

Episode 20 (12 Apr 2006) – THE PIANO

Episode 21 (19 Apr 2006) – SMALL ENSEMBLES, PART IV (Quartet)

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