IAM CD – Achievements & Appearance

Church Musician / Minister of Music & Media

• Director of Music, Rosedale Presbyterian Church Toronto (2016 – present)
• Freelance Solo Concert Artist and Chamber Musician

Choral Conductor

• Choir of Rosedale Presbyterian Church Toronto
• Marion Singers of Greater Toronto (2016-present)
• Georgetown Choral Society (2017-present)

Colleague & Collaborator

• Serving the orchestral and choral conducting programs of the
University of Toronto Faculty of Music (2004-present)
• Collaborative Accompanist, Orpheus Choir of Toronto
• Freelance choral accompanist and guest artist in-demand across Ontario

Seeker & Scholar

• Bachelor of Music (Hons) – Queens University ’88
• Fellow, Royal Canadian College of Organists ’97
• Master of Arts (Music Criticism) – McMaster University ’06
• Blogger/Podcaster/Speaker – http://www.ideasaboutmusic.ca

“A metatheorist is interested in understandings and explanations above the obvious of events (current or historical), paradigms (perceived or hidden), phenomena (within or beyond control), and beliefs (whether defended or not). Metatheory cannot usually be proven, but it can be argued, evolved and applied, and nearly always expands and enhances knowledge & perspective.”

– Christopher Dawes
Chroí Celtic Band (CD with Jenna Gallagher, Gord Simmons, Doug MacNaughton), March 2018