Choral View Radio

Keeping the Music, the Goals, and the Community in View

Greetings! Welcome to Choral View Radio, your weekly check-in with our choir’s music-in-progress while rehearsals are not taking place. This is Chris Dawes, your Director and Host of these podcasts.

How can we be a Choir without Rehearsals?

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted gatherings of all kinds, including those that exist for fun, connection and belonging. But while choirs exist for all these reasons, their rehearsals also accomplish vital work on a shared musical project. I hope Choral View Radio will help my choirs stay focused on our music, and help prepare our upcoming offerings the best they can be. The show theme music is Kaikki Maat, Te Reimuitkaate by Finnish a capella super-group, Rajaton – whose name in their native language, means “boundless.”

The Georgetown Choral Society

CVR Episodes for the Georgetown Choral Society are currently available for Mon March 16, 23, 30

The Marion Singers of Greater Toronto
The Marion Singers of Greater Toronto

CVR Episodes for the Marion Singers are currently available for Wed March 18, 25, April 1

Choir of Rosedale Presbyterian Church
Choir and Congregation of Rosedale Presbyterian Church

CVR at RPC has gone A/V! You will now find complete Virtual Services on IAM’s YouTube channel; Audio episodes from Sun March 22, 29 are still available.

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