About IAM

IAM – IdeasAboutMusic.ca, is a weekly blog and occasional podcast from Toronto musician and metatheorist Christopher Dawes.  It delves into the music of our lives: how it works and what it means.

IAM explores such concepts as music’s power and politics; its history and hermeneutics; its subversity and its sanctity.

Its metatheoretical framework seeks genre as diversion rather than determinant and the sacred as simulacrum … but always honouring creativity and expression; linking art with life and love. 

WEB – http://ideasaboutmusic.ca
FACEBOOK – http://facebook.com/ideasaboutmusic
TWITTER – @ideasmusic

CHRISTOPHER DAWES is a Toronto-based freelance performer and consultant based for over a decade with the Choral and Instrumental Conducting Programs of the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto.  He currently also serves as Director of Canada’s Summer Institute of Church Music.  Husband and father to a musical family he has a love of all that is unusual and inspirational in music, and of sharing it with audiences, congregations, readers and listeners.

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