IAM CD – Creed and Concern

What I care about;
what I believe

My Christian worldview is one of service, vision and humility;
I dream a church that includes and heals, NOT one that excludes and punishes;
I dream a world that is just, compassionate and sustainable;
I dream a God that loves, creates, nurtures and transforms;
and I dream a humanity that is respectful, empathetic,
and dedicated to serving our planet and all who dwell there.

I am concerned at our past and current inhumanity against one another;
I am concerned at the rise of populism, authoritarianism, nationalism and insitutionalised hatred;
I am concerned at the warming of our planet, the exhaustion of its resources, the destruction of its species and habitats, growing inequality, and the environmental and human costs of capitalism;
I am concerned at the manipulation, cheapening and undermining of truth and the rise of anti-science.

I believe that art belongs to us all, and that those who make it deserve our support and respect;
I believe that learning, understanding and expressing art nourishes minds and change worlds;
I believe the power of art can be misused; its currency misspent; its beauty undermined;
I believe music, and in particular church music should aspire to sacramental power;
and I believe that where music sounds, hope lives.

I devote my life, my ministry and whatever gifts God may give me, to these things.