Genre Implosion – 10th Anniversary episode publication


Things became pretty quiet at IAM at the conclusion of my service to the Organ Century year of Timothy Eaton Memorial Church in Toronto, whose employ I left in July 2015 after an exciting and deeply satisfying two year opportunity with its excellent staff and congregation, contributing to a milestone in the life of both the instrument and institution.

The big news for Easter 2016 was the 10-year anniversary of “Genre Implosion,” the radio show on Hamilton’s CFMU FM 94.4 that formed a part of my 2004-2006 M.A. degree in Music Criticism at McMaster University. At that time I published the entire 19-episode archive (there were in fact 21 episodes, but regrettably two of them were lost). You can still access the entire series on the “Listen IAM” link of, and I will now begin posting the episodes over the coming weeks.

Enjoy Genre Implosion for now – I am still proud of much of it, although it’s always hard to look more than a few years back at one’s creative work without thinking of high school yearbooks, haircuts and other artifacts.

Musical Genre is a fascinating system, phenomenon or construction, but I still say, as I do at the start of every episode – they’re your ears – BELIEVE them.


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