Podcast debut: Foundation Forward

Greetings, IAM community: I hope you’re passing as pleasant a summer as possible. I’m looking forward to resuming Tuesday posts a few weeks from now – I’ve missed it, but the break has also been enriching and inspiring.

In the meantime I thought you might find interesting a new project I’ve become involved with as part of the surprise media career renaissance brought about by the pandemic disruption of most of my musical work: the hosting and production of Foundation Forward, a new podcast about generosity from the Anglican Foundation of Canada.

The Anglican Foundation of Canada has for over 60 years provided over 30 million dollars in financial support for church reconstruction and renovation, theological education, and imaginative ministries from coast to coast to coast. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it like most of us, has had to reimagine itself, in its case due to a world of sagging investments and shaky donation levels. Under the leadership of Executive Director Canon Judy Rois it has chosen to step back into looking at the very thing that has enabled much of its work over the years, generosity as less an expectation or obligation than an outlook, a response to both a world in need and to blessings freely received. Each ten-minute episode of Foundation Forward features a remarkable Canadian with a unique and deeply personal take on the topic, with we hope real resonance for people like you and me.

The first episode featuring Canon Judy Rois went live on August 15th – monthly episodes will appear at anglicanfoundation.org/podcast on the first Monday of every month – you can download or stream them there, or subscribe on Google/Apple podcasts, Soundcloud, Spotify or Pocketcasts.

See you, as the song goes, in September!


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