Genre Implosion – 10th Anniversary episode publication

20141002114209Things have been pretty quiet at IAM this past year since the conclusion of my service to the Organ Century year of Timothy Eaton Memorial Church in Toronto, whose employ I left in July 2015 after my exciting and deeply satisfying two year opportunity to serve with its excellent staff and congregation, and to contribute to a milestone in the life of both instrument and institution.

The big news for Easter 2016 is that I am finally getting back into both blogging and podcasting about music.  And to mark almost exactly its 10-year anniversary I have published the entire 19-episode archive of “Genre Implosion”, the radio show on CFMU FM 94.4 that formed a part of my 2004-2006 M.A. degree in Music Criticism.  You can access the entire series now on the “Listen IAM” link of, but beginning in April 2016 I will publish a new weekly Wednesday blog post devoted to each episode – this exercise will continue from Wednesday April 6th until mid-August.  I will be removing the GI archive at the end of August 2016 – some copyright material was really only covered by the CFMU station license for our weekly broadcast, and was not designed to be a podcast.

Enjoy Genre Implosion for now – I am still proud of much of it, although it’s always hard to look more than a few years back at one’s creative work without thinking of high school yearbooks and other artifacts of the past!

I still say, as I did at the start of every episode – they’re your ears – BELIEVE them!