Genre Implosion revisited Episode 1, “Introductions” – 9 Nov 2005

Genre Implosion Episode 1

f_gholipour20130223113425497GI was the name of a graduate research project I completed as part of the requirements for my M.A in Music Criticism, in the always unique and unfortunately now-defunct program founded by Allan Walker at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and offered from 1981 to 2007.  The project, which consisted of a major research paper, a 20-episode weekly radio show and a survey that sought to understand how we classify music into genres and how we are in turn influenced by that system of classification is chronicled on a website that used to reside at, but has since moved to a more gentrified retirement address on my main website…

IAM now begins my re-visit, and perhaps your first visit, to this project as it aired Wednesday mornings from November 2005 to April 2006 on CFMU, the student radio station at McMaster University, that kindly agreed to support my work. I’ll say only briefly that every 30-minute episode chose a simple musical premise that could be applied broadly across genre lines, and offered selections drawing attention to how this premise appeared in widely divergent styles.  The first episode, appropriately, dealt with musical introductions.

Wed 9 November 2005 – SHOW I: INTRODUCTIONS

Introductions often sound very different than the main body of a piece, and yet they’ve been crucial to attracting listeners into pieces of music since long before the sound byte made us just tend to change the channel. Throughout history they have tended to privilege this role, rather than immediately revealing the piece’s main content.

trad. arr RAWLINS CROSS: MacPherson’s Lament (3:59) (from ‘Celtic Instrumentals’)
MIKE EVIN: Stay Gritty – 3:30 (from ‘I’ll bring the Stereo’)
FELIX MENDELSSOHN-BARTHOLDY: Grave-Allegro from String Symphony #2, op.36 (5:16) (Gewaundhaus Orchester Leipzig/Kurt Masur)
RICHARD & ROBERT SHERMAN/HOLLY COLE (Trust in me) (the Holly Cole Collection, Vol.1)
BUGGLES: Video killed the radio star (4:09)
—– Music 21:54

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