Music’s Debt to Others, and Our Debt to Music

Eden Mills pic for Sep 23rd Blog entry

Village of Eden Mills

When you finally do something you’ve long meant to you do it as the person you have become, not the person that initially wanted the experience, nor the one who has said year after year, “I must do that…” but never does.  You are, in a sense, someone new.  The person I have become this September is the author of this new blog, IAM – Ideas About Music… a project I’ve had in mind for some years, and which now becomes real (at least as ‘real’ as anything on the Internet is).

I have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy a now-30-year career I love as a musician who thinks a lot about music.  For almost half of that career I have lived a 20-minute drive from the beautiful village of Eden Mills, which has for even longer, 25 years, been home to the Eden Mills Writers Festival, which annually welcomes celebrated Canadian and international authors and poets, publishers and hundreds of ‘literati’ of all ages for readings, workshops, and a general celebration of the printed page.   In 2014 it finally welcomed me and my family. Continue reading

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